The Smirk of God

  Most of Vince O’Shea’s boyhood friends not only had summer jobs, but winter and fall ones as well. Vince was to continue to live the life of Riley well into his teens. He soon began to wonder if the ‘corporate world’ intended to make him pay for his “early life of sloth.” I didn’t … More The Smirk of God

Funny Ha Ha

  Ronnie Benson, 88, is an old-time comedian. “Not vaudeville,” he says. “Just after that.” He still enjoys comedy but some of the ‘new stuff’ leaves him cold. “If I wanted cold I never would have moved to Florida,” he says.  Yeah, I’m a comedian. Go figure. ‘Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry.’ Hey, I … More Funny Ha Ha

The Quaker in Me

Don Quayle, 47, is a man of faith. Sort of. He is not an ordained minister, but he does have a church. And a congregation.  According to Quayle, there is only thing missing: The Presence of God. First off, I’m not a Quaker. Let’s get that sorted right here and now. I’m not even sure … More The Quaker in Me

El Sueño Americano

Dora Explora (not her real name) and Dr. Sinclair Mahlon (his “American alias”) emigrated to the United States from Panama when they were in their early 20s. Although fully trained, Sinclair never found steady work as a doctor in America. At least not a legal doctor. Dora: You could have landed in jail this time. … More El Sueño Americano

Keeping it Real

“Betty”, 58 She calls herself a ‘single mother’ but she was not single when her daughter was growing up. She was with her husband until ten years ago. She is just-now starting to explore the online dating world. She is not finding very much success. My friend helped me ‘set up my dating profile.’ I … More Keeping it Real