It is human nature. We live, we learn, we make mistakes, we grow old, we pass on.

Along the way, perhaps we might become nostalgic. We might retrace our roots to try and ascertain ‘where we came from.’

Or we might look out the window one day and wonder what happened to all the time we once had.

In the ‘olde days,’ when life-expectancy was so much shorter, that was barely time for regrets. We plowed the earth or traveled the seas until the day we passed along to that other world.

Indeed, we may not have left behind any mention of the life we lived.

All of Me is a way of rectifying that passage into oblivion, a chance for ‘the rest of us’ to leave a mark, no matter how passing it might be.

These are the stories of those who wanted to leave something behind, some memory, some footnote to the role they played -no mater how small- in the history of the world.

All work © 2016 James Porteous